Becoming a Fan

To have your picture show up under “The Fans”:

1) Go to and enter your email address.
2) Check your email for a response from, and follow the link they send you to set up a password for your account.
3) Click on “My Account” in the upper left-hand corner, and follow the instructions for adding a new image.

After you have your picture registered with, just post a comment and you’ll automatically be added to “The Fans!”

13 thoughts on “Becoming a Fan

  1. Lets hope this works!

    • It worked! Looks great, Margaux!

  2. I want to become one of your fans!! 🙂

    • That’s an awesome picture, April! I think for the next music video we need to find a way to attach a cake like that to the top of your head – kind of Jackie O meets Alice in Wonderland style….

  3. hmm did it work?

    • It worked! That’s a very cute picture, Tajna. And I’m excited to see that you have been writing about your island life – reading your blog took me right back!

  4. Marci

    GREECE! I miss you guys!

    • We miss you too, Marci! If you’re in Oregon next week, though, we should be able to meet up. We’re doing an early b-day thing at my folks on Wednesday, or an on the b-day b-day thing at the coast w/Ashley’s fam on Saturday. I hope we can see you!

  5. Mehalia

    i soooo hope this works!!

  6. Mehalia

    ok lets see if it works

  7. Mehalia

    its not working

  8. Mehalia

    yay it worked now!

    • Way to go, Mehalia! Great to see your picture on the blog (although your ears are much longer than I remembered).

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