Ellery 6 Month Photographs

Hello Everyone!  Summer is here, complete with some absolutely awesome thunder storms here in Spokane, and the pace of life in our house just seems to speed up.  My hope is that Zach and I are the only sleep-deprived members of our family who feel this way and that Edie and Ellery are enjoying a relaxed, play-filled summer that I remember from my childhood (maybe wishful thinking, I know…).  All that is to say that El is now 7 months old and we’ve yet to post the pictures from his 6 month photo shoot!!  We love our photographer who did his newborn pictures in the hospital as well as when he was 2 weeks old.


Those are just a few of our favorites but there are many more.  Here is a link to the photo gallery where you can download the pictures for free (!!!!!!!) or purchase good quality prints.  The gallery will be up for another 2 weeks or so (until mid July-ish) so be sure to order prints soon if you are interested.

I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already… but really, I shouldn’t be surprised at all.  He’s got the chubs to prove it (remember Edie’s chubs at this age?), he’s becoming a giggle-and-chuckle machine, shows no signs of being interested in crawling (Edie never really crawled either – she just up and walked at 9 months…) and is content to sit with a few toys and watch his sister’s antics (of which there are many :-))  He seems just about perfect for  a child of ours at 6 months, and just today someone commented that he is the cutest baby they have seen ever, which is also right in line for our kids, and of course, we agree!

You can see all the pictures on Flickr, or go right to the slideshow.

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  1. OMG! I love the giggle video. You need to make one longer though so I can meet my required minimum of 5min baby giggles per day.

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